Life’s a Constant Change!

Time flies so fast. It flies like an arrow according to my Korean student. Haha! True indeed. As I was thinking about this article I realized that just a few weeks from now I’m gonna celebrate my 24th birthday. Wow. Soooo fast. I’m gonna be 24 years old. OMG! 

As I go back to the memories of the past (before I turn 24)  I can say that I’m a winner. I never quitted, I encountered a lot of trials in my life and I’m happy because I was able to surmount all of those. Those challenges  made me stronger, better, made me realized my importance as a person. Most likely, my life’s vicissitudes deepen my BIG FAITH in God.

Now, allow me my dear readers to  tell you some of the big changes that happened to me in this 23 years of existence. I bet some of these changes somehow in some ways happened to your lives as well. Correct me if I’m wrong. haha!

1. Before I was very concern about other’s feelings, perceptions and opinions. I was like doing something in accordance to what those people like me to do or I was like conscious about the things that they might say about me.

~Now, my principle is as long as I’m happy with what I’m doing without the expense of other people. Go!

2. Before, I wasn’t conscious about my appearance.

~Now, I’m conscious about my whole physical outlook. Sadly, I gained belly fats and a few pimples on my face, so ironic.

3. Before, I was like an ego- centric person. A little selfish.

~Now, I appreciate each person around me. I value my family and friends more even the beggars on the street.

3. Before, I didn’t eat HONGKONG STYLE Noodles.

~Now, I usually eat this almost every Sunday after going to Church.

4. Before, I had this Faith in God but with a little doubts.

~Now, my FAith in Him is so deep without any doubts and hesitations. It’s deep- rooted. I believe that He’s always there for us.

5. Before I wasn’t conscious about nail polish or anything on my nails. hahaha!

~Now, I got to put purple, red and white nail polish on my nails.

6. Before, I just  like wearing jeans and sneakers.

~Now, I’m into leggings and see through blouses.

7. Before, I wasn’t into movies and everything about showbizness.

~Now, I’m into reading different kinds of newspapers be it Philippine star or Philippine Daily inquirer. I got to watch lots of movies and series of drama including The Vampire Diaries. Thank God. I got to know Stephen and Damon. Also, Elaina and Boni. haha!

8. Before, I was very much concern about my classmates and friends who seldom communicate with me.

~Now, I let them be. If they still communicate with me then I thank them for that. If not it’s okay.

9. I was optimistic but not that patient.

~Now, I am more positive and I’m learning to be more patient.

10. Lastly, I wasn’t into making blogs and write ups. But I did have back grounds about writing.

~Now, I’m glad because I’m learning how to write the thoughts that I have in mind. I’m learning to embrace the beauty of blogging and I’m still on the process of discovering the innate beauty of it. (fingers crossed)

Life really is a constant change. Full of surprises and promises. Full of love and challenges. It’s like a butterfly that undergoes several stages. So now, I can see that I found my niche and the freedom to unfold and explore everything that life has to offer.

What about you? Have you encountered changes in your life?


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  1. -cel-
    May 17, 2012 @ 07:57:39

    Hi….. your article inspires a number of readers to share what we had in the past as yours, Hence we might post it too as if we’re bloggers.hahaha… Well anyway, A brownie point for you!♥♥♥


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