Caramoan Island (cam. sur)

Caramoan Island (cam. sur)

I always wanted to go and visit this island because this is just a few hours from my house. Unfortunately,my family and I didn’t have the chance to do it. Sometimes it’s ridiculous because I’ve been to other places but not to our very own Caramoan Island of Camarines Sur!





When I was young, I’ve always fantasized of wearing different kinds of gowns- exquisite, flowy, silky and alluring gowns. In fact, I even dreamed of becoming a performer or a singer just to wear various kinds of long gowns and dresses. ( ambitious)! Perhaps, you would think that I’m soambitious but I have to admit that it’s really true. That’s a FACT. 

Now, because of my great fascination, I searched for unique and lavish gowns made and designed by great Filipino designers in the Philippines.


She’s a fashion designer from Cebu and she has become a celebrity favorite for both wedding and red carpet gowns in the local scenes as well as in Hollywood.